Adding Leave taken as TOIL
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How do I use an employee’s accrued TOIL?

TOIL can be taken as leave by using the TOIL Leave Type. To do this, add the leave to RotaCloud in the same way as Sickness or Holiday. However, ensure you set the Leave Type to ‘TOIL’ while adding the leave:

A screenshot of the Add Leave popup menu on the Leave page of RotaCloud. Underneath the employee, 'TOIL' has been selected as the Leave Type.

TOIL Leave requests from employees

Employees can also make a request to take Leave using their Time Off in Lieu hours, in the same way as making a typical holiday request, if it has been enabled on your account.

Deleting TOIL Leave

To delete any Leave that’s been taken using accrued TOIL, follow the same process for deleting Leave in RotaCloud:

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