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The mobile Rotas page

How to build and view rotas using the RotaCloud mobile app.

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Viewing the rota

List View

To view the rota, tap the Rotas icon in the navigation bar. This will load the List View of the rota. Here, you will see all shifts for today, in chronological order. You can tap the Location name in the upper-left to change Locations, and switch between days using the left and right arrows either side of the day's date.

A screenshot of the List View of the Rotas page on the RotaCloud mobile app.

Tap on any shift to open the Shift Information sheet and learn more about it, or edit it. With the Shift Information sheet open, you can tap the three dots in the corner to add another shift for that employee, publish/unpublish it, make the shift an open shift, or delete it. Alternatively, you can long press on a shift, empty shift cell or an open shift to see various options for adding shifts, editing shifts, adding leave or deleting the shift.

You can also long-press an existing shift to see additional options to add leave, edit the shift, add another shift or delete the shift.

Grid View

To view the full Rota in the mobile app, tap the Grid View icon in the upper-left corner of the Rotas page. You can use this button to switch between List View and Grid View at any time, or return to the List View by tapping the Rotas icon in the navigation bar.

A screenshot of the Grid View of the Rotas page of the RotaCloud mobile app, with the icon to switch between Grid View and List View highlighted.

Here you can browse the full rota, and if you’re an Admin, or a Manager with rota-editing permissions, you can also make changes to the rota.

Drag to move your view of the rota around. You can move both vertically to see more employees, or horizontally to see more days. The rota loads two weeks at a time, starting from today’s date. If you want to see more past or future shifts, tap the arrow to the very edge of the rota.

A screenshot of the rota on the RotaCloud mobile app, showing the arrow at the right hand side to load more days on the rota.

To add a new shift, simply tap on one of the cells with a plus in it, enter the details of the shift and select Add shift. To edit a shift, simply tap on an existing shift the select Edit Shift to enter the changes you need.

You can also long-press on a shift or blank cell to add, edit or delete a shift. You will also have the option to add a leave entry.

If you wish to see more employees and days at once, you can simply turn your device so it's landscape.

Please note: The landscape view of the rotas page is view-only. Shifts can only be added or edited in portrait mode.

Changing the date

You can tap the calendar icon in the top right corner to jump straight to any date. Tap on any day’s date to view a summary of that day, including the total number of shifts and open shifts, the number of employees working, add or view any Day Notes, and who’s on Leave.

Changing location

The location’s name is shown in the top-left corner. By default, your first Location alphabetically is shown. Tap the Location name to change to another one.

Depending on your account settings, you may be able to see shifts from other Locations on your rota. If it’s enabled, shifts from other locations will show the Location’s name beneath the shift’s time and the Role.

An image showing the appearance of shifts at other Locations on the RotaCloud mobile app.

Adding and editing shifts

Shifts can be added to the rota in two ways. Tap the blue plus icon in the lower right corner, then tap ‘Add shift’ to start adding a new shift. Fill in the details of the shift including the employee, role, location, date and times. You can publish the shift immediately while adding it, or choose to publish it later if you wish.

A GIF showing the process for adding shifts on the RotaCloud mobile app.

You can also tap a + icon on an empty day for an employee to fill out the date and employee fields automatically.

On mobile, unpublished shifts show in grey with a dotted outline, whereas published shifts show in black with a solid outline.

A comparison of published and unpublished shifts on the RotaCloud mobile app.

Tap on an existing shift to show more information about it, including the break time, and the total number of hours for the shift. Here, you can quickly publish the shift, or tap ‘Edit shift’ to edit it. If the shift is an Open Shift, you can tap ‘Claim open shift’ to claim it.

More options are available by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the Shift information window. Here, you can unpublish a published shift, or delete it. If the shift is assigned to an employee, you can make it an open shift with a tap.

A GIF of how to make a scheduled shift into an Open Shift on the RotaCloud mobile app.

Adding multiple shifts for the same day

If you’d like to add more than one shift to an employee for a day, tap the existing shift to bring up its information page. Then, open the menu and tap ‘Add another shift’ to enter the details of the new shift.

Deleting Shifts

To delete a shift, tap on it on the rota to open the Shift information window. Tap the 3 dots to open the menu, and then tap ‘Delete shift’. You’ll be asked to confirm, and the shift will then be deleted.

A GIF of deleting a shift on the RotaCloud mobile app.

Adding Leave

Leave can also be added directly on the Rotas page. Tap the blue +, and then tap ‘Add leave’. You can then add all of the typical details of the leave, including the employee, the type, and dates.

Sorting and Filtering

In the upper-right corner of the rotas page, you’ll see the Sort & filter icon. Tap this to

control exactly what you see on the Rotas tab, and how it’s presented.


You can choose to sort the rota alphabetically by first name or by last name. Tap your preferred option and tap ‘Apply’ to make the changes.


You can choose whether employee availability patterns are shown on the rota. When this setting is on, any availability that you or your employees have set will show at the top of each day on the rota.

A screenshot of employee availability showing on the rota of the RotaCloud mobile app.

Open shifts

You can choose whether or not Open shifts are shown on the rota. This setting applies to all Locations, though the number of Open shifts will still be shown if you click on a date at the top of the rota to view its daily summary.

Employee avatars

When off, this setting shows staff’s full names to the left of the rota. If turned on, names will be replaced with employees’ avatars (profile pictures). Both names and profile pictures can be tapped to show a summary of the employee’s personal information and emergency contact details.

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