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Leave Allowances

An introduction to Holiday Allowances, and how to set them up for your employees

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Each employee in RotaCloud, including Managers and Administrators, has an annual leave balance for taking holidays. Employees can easily view their full balance, taken leave, and remaining balance to stay informed about their available holiday.

Each employee’s balance is independent, and you can mix and match annual balances measured in hours or days, or accrued balances measured in hours.

Setting up an employee's leave allowance

To set up an employee's annual leave balance, click ‘Company’ and then ‘Employees’ to view your employee list. Open an employee’s profile to go to the 'Employee Details' page. Under 'Holiday Allocation,' choose between a fixed annual balance or accrued holiday. Remember to save any changes when you’re done.

  • Fixed balance: Specify the balance in days or hours. The annual balance will reset to this figure each new leave year.

  • Accrue Holiday: Select this option for accruing holiday based on clocked hours. Enter the percentage of hours to be accrued under 'Holiday Accrual Rate.'

A screenshot of the Holiday Allocation section of a user's profile on RotaCloud. The employee has been set a fixed allowance of 22 days.

If Accrue Holiday is selected, the employee will automatically accrue holiday as they work, based on their clocking in and out times found on their timesheet. Enter the percentage of their hours that you want to be accrued under ‘Holiday Accrual Rate’.

NB: Holiday Accrual is a feature of RotaCloud’s Time & Attendance package.

Editing an employee's leave allowance

Leave allowances can be edited mid-year, whenever you need to make any changes. This is done on the employee’s profile page, or can also be done on the Leave page by clicking ‘Leave’ at the top of the RotaCloud system.

On the Leave page, click on the allowance you want to edit and enter a new figure for the total balance of the current year. As with the employee profile page, you can choose days or hours for this balance.

Decide whether to change the employee's default allowance (which will cause next year's allowance to reset to this new value) or only modify the current year's balance while keeping the default annual allowance the same.

A GIF of the process of changing an employee's holiday allowance by clicking on the allowance, entering the new figure, setting the change to This Year Only, and saving.

Holiday used and remaining

The Leave page shows the employee’s total annual leave entitlement, what’s been used, and what’s remaining. These figures for what’s been used and what remains are automatically updated whenever holiday is added for that employee (and also Public Holiday, if you choose to include this on your Account Settings page). This occurs whether it’s been requested by the employee, or added by an Admin or Manager.

A screenshot of holiday allowances in RotaCloud, showing a variety of remaining balances, as well as allowances in days and in hours.

All three figures are visible to the employee, their manager(s), and all administrators.

NB: If an employee’s holiday balance is measured in hours, Total or Daily hours must be added to the instance of Leave in order to be included in their remaining balance calculation.

The ‘Holiday remaining’ figure is colour-coded to show the percentage of the employee’s Leave that has been used:

  • Green means the employee up to 100% of their holiday allowance remaining

  • Orange means the employee has up to 40% of their leave allowance remaining

  • Red means the employee has up to 10% of their leave allowance remaining

Prorating holiday allowances

A prorated holiday allowance is one that has been lowered according to the employee’s time with the company. Staff who join or leave your company part-way through a year will have an annual balance that is lower than one full year.

RotaCloud can automatically prorate your staff's holiday allowances if they start or end work part-way through your Leave Year, based on the start date and final working date that has been set in their Employee Profile.

This setting is optional, but if it is enabled, Their full year’s balance entered on their employee profile will be reduced proportionally based on where their start/end date is in relation to the Leave Year’s start date.

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