Setting up Holiday Accrual mid-year

How to set up Holiday Accrual on your RotaCloud account when you’re part-way through your current leave year

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RotaCloud can help you automatically manage your staff who accrue holiday as they work, even if you're setting up the system part-way through your holiday year.

In this article, you'll learn how to get started setting up your staff's current holiday balances before allowing RotaCloud to automatically keep these balances up to date with holiday earned and taken.

Getting started

First, set up Holiday Accrual on your account by establishing a default accrual rate, choosing which Leave Types contribute to accrued holiday, and setting all applicable staff to accrue instead of having a fixed annual allowance.

You can see more information about setting up in our help article:

Decide how to set your employees’ current holiday balances

Once you've established which employees are accruing holiday, it's time to set up their current holiday balances. There are two methods you can use to approach this:

Method 1: The full leave year

If you intend to add backdated Leave (for the full year to date) to RotaCloud, or if it’s already been added, calculate the full allowance of holiday hours that have accrued since the beginning of the Leave Year.

As Holiday is added to the system (whether it’s past or future leave), RotaCloud will automatically deduct from the employee’s allowance to show their correct remaining balance. Then, staff’s accrued holiday will be added to this balance at the end of every pay period.

This method will give a more complete picture of your full Leave Year, but will require adding more past leave to your RotaCloud account.

Method 2: Only leave going forward

If you plan to only add Leave to RotaCloud from today onwards, then calculate the current remaining balance for each employee. This would not include any holiday that the employee has already taken.

This balance will then be added to when more leave is accrued, and debited from when any holiday is added to the system.

This method will be quicker to set up, as you don't need to add any backdated Leave to your account. However, you will still need to refer to your previous system for any information on Leave taken before RotaCloud was used.

Entering your employees’ current holiday balances

Once you've decided on your method of calculating staff's holiday balances, and have calculated each employee's figure, it's time to add these balances to each employee.

On the Leave page, each employee's full year's allowance is shown next to their holiday taken and holiday remaining. This allowance can be edited at any time by clicking on it.

Click on each employee's allowance and enter the figure that you've calculated before clicking 'Save'. The employee's allowance will then immediately update.

If you already use the Time & Attendance package to record staff’s clocking in and out times and have used it for the duration of the date range that you want, the Holiday Accrual Report may save you time in making these calculations.

You’ll find this report under the Time & Attendance heading on the Reports page. This report takes all of the hours worked from a given date range, and calculates their accrued holiday based on a specified percentage.

Leave years and carrying over holiday

When your leave year restarts, staff who accrue holiday will have their balances reset to zero and will begin accruing holiday again when the first Pay Period of the Leave Year is finalised.

If you’d like to carry any unused holiday over from one Leave Year to the next, please see our guide below:

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