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An overview of the Reports available in RotaCloud related to Leave

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RotaCloud offers a suite of reports that are related to various areas of your business, including Leave. Most of these reports can be found on the Reports page under the Time Off & Cover section. However, reports that use leave data for payroll processing can be accessed through the Attendance page.

Note: Payroll reports are a feature of RotaCloud’s Time & Attendance package.

Reports page

Under the Time Off & Cover heading, you’ll find four reports that make use of your Leave data in different ways:

Leave Totals

Provides a summary and breakdown of the amount of holiday taken by each employee within the selected date range.

Leave by Employee

Displays a list of all Leave records falling within the selected date range.

Unavailability & Swaps

Shows a summary and breakdown of shift drop and swap requests for shifts within the selected date range.

Bradford Factor

Presents each employee's Bradford Factor over the selected date range.

The Bradford Factor is used in human resource management to measure worker absenteeism. The score is higher when an employee's absences are more disruptive. This report utilises the Authorised Absence, Unauthorised Absence, and Sickness leave types to calculate each employee's score.

All reports can be filtered by date range, employee and leave type. Depending on the report, additional filters may also be available.

Payroll & the Attendance page

When it comes to paying staff for their holiday, in addition to their working hours, this is handled through the timesheets on staff’s Attendance page and the attached Payroll Export report.

This report uses all employees' clock-in/out times, leave, and pay rates to quickly and accurately calculate the total pay for the period.

To learn more about this report and how to process payroll using RotaCloud for each pay period, refer to our comprehensive payroll guide.

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