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Expanding and Automating Leave with RotaCloud Pro
Expanding and Automating Leave with RotaCloud Pro

An overview of the ways in which RotaCloud Pro can improve your leave management

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RotaCloud Pro includes various features that can improve your management of annual leave, from automating holiday requests, to facilitating your HR procedures around sickness and returning to work.

Automating holiday with Request Rules

Leave Request Rules let you automatically regulate staff’s leave requests. Leave Rules can monitor the number of staff available for a particular Location, Role, Group, or the whole account, only allowing employees to make Leave Requests when you know there’ll be enough cover for that day. You can add a new rule from the ‘Tools’ menu on the Leave page:

A GIF showing how the Request Rules page is accessed, via the Tools menu on the Leave page.

If an employee tries to request leave and breaks a rule that you’ve created, their request will be automatically rejected with a custom message sent to the employee. By using Request Rules, you can make sure that you always have the right number of staff available, and don’t allow too many people on holiday at the same time.

Managing your HR processes with Logbook & Employee Documents

You can use your employees' Logbooks and Document Storage/Signing pages to keep a log of a range of activities, including sickness or return to work forms, but also training, accidents and appraisals.


To access your employee’s logbook, go to ‘Company’ and then ‘Employees’ and click on an employee name. In their profile, select the ‘Logbook’ tab on the left.

You can create a customised set of Categories to sort your logged entries, and log any information alongside dates and times. It’s ideal for securely recording meetings or disciplinaries.

Document Storage & Signing

Documents saved on an employee’s profile can be securely digitally signed within RotaCloud. This tool is perfect for use for HR documentation such as return-to-work forms or disciplinary notices, as well as other documents such as employment contracts.

Employee Documents are stored on an employee’s profile page. Click ‘Company’, and then ‘Employees’ to load your employee list, and click on an employee’s name to load their profile. Then, select the ‘Documents’ tab to load their Document list.

A screenshot of a document uploaded to an employee profile that is pending a signature.

During the process of uploading your Document, you can make it visible to the employee, and request a signature. The employee can then sign this document through their RotaCloud account on the website.

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