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Viewing and updating an employee’s TOIL balance
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Once Time Off in Lieu is enabled on your account, the Leave page will show an additional column, summarising each employee’s remaining TOIL balance.

For more detail on an employee’s TOIL balance, and to log any accrued TOIL hours, you can click on this figure to be taken straight to that employee’s Time Off in Lieu page.

This page can also be accessed by navigating to an employee’s profile page, then selecting ‘Time Off in Lieu’ from the menu to the left.

Click 'Company', then 'Employees' in the top navigation bar, then select an employee, then select 'Time off in Lieu' to view their TOIL page.

The TOIL page


The Time Off in Lieu page is unique to each employee, and shows a full log of all TOIL that has been added to the employee’s balance, what’s been used, and what’s remaining.

Note: Employees can view their own Time Off in Lieu page, though they cannot make any changes to it.

A screenshot of the TOIL page for employee Grant Anderson. He has accrued 10.5 hours of TOIL, and used 8 hours of it.

You’ll find the current Leave Year dates at the top of the page. You can click on the left and right arrows to move back and forth between your leave years.

Below this, you’ll see the employee’s current balance, the total TOIL accrued and total used in the leave year that you’re currently viewing.

The main section below consists of two pages; one for all of their Accrued TOIL, and another for all Used TOIL.

Accrued TOIL

The Accrued TOIL page lists all TOIL hours that have been added to this employee’s balance by an Admin or a Manager. They are listed in reverse order of the date on which they were added to RotaCloud.

Each row also includes the number of hours added, the optional date and Location at which the hours were earned, and the name of the person who added them.

Clicking on any row in this list will show the full details of the accrued hours, including any optional comments that have been added.


The Used TOIL page will itemise all Leave that’s been taken using the accrued time off in lieu.

Each row will state the number of hours taken, the date(s) on which it occurred, who added the leave or approved the leave request, and any optional comments.

You can click on any row to be taken straight to the instance of time off on the Leave page:


An employee's TOIL can be viewed on mobile on via the Leave tab. You'll see a summary of each employee's remaining annual leave and TOIL on the Leave page, and you can tap on any employee's name to see more information.

Tap on Leave in the navigation bar, then tap the name of any employee to see both of their leave allowances.

Here, you'll see their total TOIL accrued, and their remaining balance next to their Annual Leave balance. Below, you'll see their used TOIL in their list of leave taken, and you can tap 'Accrued TOIL' to see all instances of accrued TOIL.

Adding accrued TOIL hours


An Admin (or a Manager with the permission to ‘Add employees and manage basic information’) can log hours of TOIL that have been accrued using the blue plus at the top of the TOIL page.

Clicking this button will open the Add TOIL form.


On mobile, tap the blue plus in the lower-right corner of the app, and then select 'Add TOIL' to open the Add TOIL form:

TOIL hours

Enter the number of hours of time that have been earned. This figure will be added to the employee’s total balance of TOIL hours.

Accrued date (optional)

Enter the date on which the employee worked to earn these hours of TOIL.

Location (optional)

Enter the Location at which the employee worked when they earned these hours of TOIL.

Assign to leave year

Choose which Leave Year the TOIL hours are going to be added to.

Comments (optional)

Enter an optional message, which will be visible to all Admins/Managers, as well as the employee.

When you’re done, click 'Add TOIL' to log these accrued TOIL hours. The hours will be immediately visible on this page, as well as in the employee’s ‘TOIL remaining’ balance on the Leave page.

Deleting Accrued TOIL


Any instance of Accrued TOIL can be deleted in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the instance of Accrued TOIL in the list to view its full details. Then, click the ‘Delete’ button in the lower-right corner.

  2. Click on the red ‘X’ to the right of any row in the list of Accrued TOIL.


From the employee's Leave summary page, tap 'Accrued TOIL' and locate the instance of TOIL you'd like to delete. Tap it, and you'll see full details of the hours that have been added. Tap 'Delete' to delete them.

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