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How do I request leave?

How employees request leave and what happens next

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If your employer has allowed you to request leave in RotaCloud, you can do this by clicking on the Leave tab. On the app, you can find this tab at the bottom of your screen indicated by the plane icon.

There are three different types of leave you can request - Holiday, which comes off your leave allowance, and Other Leave, which won't be deducted from your allowance. If your company uses TOIL (time off in lieu) you may also have a separate TOIL allowance and be able to request TOIL leave.

Requesting Leave on the App

You can request leave from any page on the app. Simply tap on the blue plus button in the bottom right corner of your screen and select 'Request leave'.

You will then see a screen which will show you your available holiday allowance and allow you to enter the leave type you'd like to request. You can then input the start date, end date, send an optional message to your manager and tap 'Submit leave request'. Your leave will then show as pending on your Leave tab while it awaits a response from your manager.

Requesting Leave on Desktop

You can request Holiday, Other Leave, and TOIL on a desktop too. Simply log in and go to the Leave tab. You then just need to click the blue plus button and will see a pop-up appear from the right of your screen.

Enter the leave type, start/end date and an optional message. Once this is done, just click 'Request leave' at the top of the page and your leave request will then show as pending on your Leave tab while it awaits a response from your manager.

Requesting a Half-day of Leave

You can request a half day of leave both on the app and on desktop. To do this, when selecting the dates of your leave, change the AM/PM options and the relevant days will apply. For example, if you wanted to request just a morning off, the start and end date would be the same and both would be AM.

Leave Request Responses

After you have submitted your leave request, it will be sent to your manager action. Once they have done this you will be notified of whether it has been approved or denied and, if approved, the hours will be deducted from your allowance. There are various ways you can be notified of this - you can find more about this here.

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