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Clocking in when working remotely

How to set up RotaCloud to allow you to track the attendance of staff who work from home.

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RotaCloud allows you to track your staff’s attendance when working from home, as well as working onsite. If your staff are working remotely, there are a few settings that you can use to allow staff to clock in from home, and continue tracking their attendance as normal.

Employees will need the RotaCloud smartphone app in order to clock in and out from home. Once the employee’s downloaded the app and logged in, they can clock in from their app’s Dashboard. 

If you’ve not done so already, you’ll also need to switch on Mobile Clocking In in your account settings.

Method 1 - Removing restrictions from your existing Locations

You may need to adjust your Locations' clocking in restrictions. If you’ve set up your Location to only allow clock-ins onsite, whether that’s by using GPS or WiFi restrictions, these will need to be removed while staff are working from home. Head to your Locations page, and check then restrictions settings for all relevant locations.

Staff’s positions will still be recorded when they clock in or out, for you to view later from the Timesheets, however they will not be restricted from clocking in outside of your premises.

Method 2 - Creating a new Location

Rather than using your existing Locations, you can create a specific Location for this purpose, and name it ‘Working from Home’, ‘Remote Working’, or similar. Employees can be assigned to this location even if already assigned to other Locations.

This method may be better for you when reporting in future, as you’ll be able to see a clear difference in your reports between remotely worked shifts, and shifts onsite.

However, if you have a large number of employees or many weeks of shifts already in the rota, then there may be a lot of work to move these shifts over to a new location. Please contact us via the Live Chat if you have any questions about doing this.

Method 3 - Creating one Location per employee

Similar to the previous method, you’re able to create one Location for each employee who will be working remotely.

The benefit of this method is that you would be able to set up GPS or WiFi restrictions, in a similar way to clocking in onsite, by using the employee’s home (or remote working) address in each Location’s settings.

However, this method will take longer to set up than the other methods mentioned above, and may be better-suited for companies with a smaller number of employees.

Monitoring Mobile Clocking in/clocking out

You can also set up clock in/clock out reminders for your employees. To do this, simply tick these options in the Time & Attendance section of the settings page (shown above). 

When ticked, your employees receive these reminders as notifications. (They can also enable these in their own account settings on the mobile app). 

This allows you to monitor if your employees have successfully clocked in and out of their shifts. If an employee forgets to clock in or out, you will also receive a notification. 

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