With RotaCloud Pro, Document Storage allows you to securely upload various types of document, which are stored on Employees’ Profiles.

On an Employee’s Profile page, the Documents tab will take you to a list of all uploaded documents. This page is only visible and usable by Admin-level users. All documents are shown in reverse order of upload, showing their filename, the owner (uploader) of the document, its upload date and size, and finally a delete button to the far right of the row.

To upload a document, click the blue + at the top of the list. Select the document from your hard drive, and click ‘OK’.

NB: It’s important to set the filename before uploading your document, as it isn’t possible to edit the filename from within RotaCloud.

A progress bar will appear during the upload, and once your document is successfully uploaded, the document list will refresh to include the new file. Click on any document’s name to download it again.

You can upload a wide range of file types, including but not limited to; PDFs, spreadsheets, text documents, images, and much more! If the file you’re trying to upload is not supported, please contact us using the Live Chat for assistance. Each employee has a 10MB storage limit for all of their documents.

NB: When you delete a document, this is something that cannot be undone, so please be sure that you have a copy backed up elsewhere, or that you’re sure you don’t need that file!

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