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The mobile Dashboard page

Your guide to the front page of the RotaCloud mobile app.

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When you first open your app, you'll be greeted with the Dashboard page. This is the first page you'll see each day, and here you'll get a full rundown of your next few days, whether you're an Admin, Manager, or an Employee.

A screenshot of the Dashboard page of the RotaCloud mobile app. A shift is shown to clock into at the top, and below are the next shift, and links to view your next Leave, available Open Shifts, and any pending Requests.

Your current shift

The top of the Dashboard page shows your current shift information. If you have a shift today, those details will be shown here. You can tap on the shift to show more information about it. If you're an Admin, or rota-editing Manager, then you can edit and delete the shift from here, too.

Clocking in and out

If you clock into your shifts with RotaCloud, then you'll see the Clock In button under your shift. Tap here to clock in/out of shifts, and start/end breaks (if applicable).

When you're clocked into a shift, you'll be able to clock out, or start a break. You'll also see the time that you clocked into your current shift.

Next shift

Beneath today's shift, your next shift will show. If it's further away than tomorrow, you'll see how many days there are until your next shift. You can again tap this shift to see more info, or swap/drop the shift, if applicable.

The 'What's happening today' section

Who's on leave today

This link will show you a rundown of all colleagues who are on leave today. If you're an Admin or a Manager, then you'll see all leave types of the employees that you manage. However, if you're an employee, then you may only see yourself, or colleagues who are on annual leave.

People working

The 'People working' page shows Admins and Managers a quick rundown of the day's clocking in. Here, you can see who has already clocked in, anyone who's late, and anyone who's due into work later on.

A screenshot of the 'Who's clocked in' report in the RotaCloud app. Several staff who are currently clocked in are shown in the top section, and a single employee who has clocked out in the bottom section.

The 'At a glance' section

This section shows you quick information from various areas of your workplace. What you'll see will differ depending on your account type, as well as the settings for your company's account:

Next leave

This will show you a quick summary of the next approved Leave that you have in RotaCloud. You can tap this to see full details of the Leave, and if you're an Admin, or a Manager with the permission to manage your own Leave, you'll be able to edit or delete it from here, too.

Open shifts available

If any Open Shifts are available for you to claim over the next few days, you'll see this link. Tap it to see a quick list of all shifts. You can tap each shift to see more info and claim it, or you can long-press on any shift in this list to claim it more quickly.

A GIF of the Dashboard page of the RotaCloud mobile app. The Open Shifts link is tapped, then a long press is done on an Open Shift. The shift is then claimed from the 'Claim Open Shift' link which appears.

Pending requests

This link will quickly take you to any requests which may need your approval, such as shift swaps, unavailability, or leave requests.

Manage your availability

This link will take you to the Availability page, where, if it's enabled on your account, you can inform your Manager when you'd prefer to work or not work, so that they can make a rota that works for everyone. If you're an Admin or Manager yourself, you can make changes to your own Availability, as well as the people you manage.

Adding information using the blue plus

Tapping on the blue plus button in the bottom right corner of your screen will give you the option to add various things. This will allow you to add a new shift, add leave, add accrued TOIL for an employee or add an additional user.

This button will appear on each tab within the app giving the same options each time.

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