Adding leave on the Rotas page

A guide to adding leave to RotaCloud directly on the rota.

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Leave can easily be added directly on the Rotas page. By clicking on any date on the rota, you will see an "Add Leave" option in the edit window. This article will guide you through the process.

A GIF of the process of adding Leave to RotaCloud on the Rotas page, by clicking in a date on the Rota, before clicking 'Add Leave'.


Click in each field to set the start and end dates of the leave. Clicking on a field will show you a calendar, allowing you to easily choose each date.


Select the type of leave you want to add to the system. This can be Holiday, Sickness, or any other available Leave Type. It's important to note that different Leave Types in RotaCloud have different functions and may appear in different reports.


Choose whether the leave is paid or unpaid. You can set the default paid or unpaid status for each type of leave in your Settings menu. However, when filling out the 'Add Leave' form, you can always override this default setting if necessary.

A screenshot of the portion of the Settings page where you choose whether certain Leave types are entered as 'Paid' or 'Unpaid' by default in RotaCloud.

If the employee is paid hourly, they will be paid according to the number of hours specified later in the form. If the employee is salaried, unpaid leave will be deducted from their salary proportionally.


You can add a message attached to the leave. This message will be visible to the employee and will also appear in any leave reports that you generate.

Default Hours

Next, you can record the number of daily hours for the leave. Enter the number per day that the holiday is worth.

Note: Non-Working Days will have their hours set to ‘0’ by default when using this tool.

Adding these hours is optional; however, if you have an employee with a Holiday Allowance that’s expressed in hours, it must be entered for their leave balance to be correctly updated and show their correct current balance.

If you use the Time & Attendance package, hours must also be added here or on the Timesheet to accurately calculate holiday pay for hourly-paid employees. If Daily Hours are added at this point, then they will be automatically carried over to the Timesheet.

Clashing shifts

When you’re done, tap ‘Add Leave’. If the employee has shifts scheduled during the period that the leave has been added for, you'll be shown the ‘Clashing shifts’ menu. This will list all of the employee’s shifts that take place on the days of the leave. You’ll be given the option to handle the shifts in a few ways:

Do Nothing

The shifts will be left on the rota, assigned to the current employee and will sit alongside the leave.


The shifts will be unpublished, but still assigned to the current employee.

Move to Open Shifts

The shifts will be moved to the Open Shifts row, and will remain published. Employees will be notified and the shifts will be immediately available to claim.

Move to Open Shifts & Unpublish

The shifts will be moved to the Open Shifts row but will be unpublished. They can be edited, moved, or published again from the Rotas page.

Permanently Delete

The shifts will be deleted, and will be shown in your Deleted Shifts list.

Select your desired option, and click ‘Add leave’ to make the changes.


After adding leave, it will be immediately visible on the rota and can also be viewed on the Leave Page. To edit or delete leave, you can access the Leave Page.

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