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How do I set up Public Holidays in my account?
How do I set up Public Holidays in my account?

A guide to using RotaCloud to manage Bank Holidays or other public holidays

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RotaCloud is designed to help you efficiently manage public holidays, including bank holidays, alongside annual leave and other types of leave.

Public holidays are not automatically added to your account. This allows RotaCloud to be used in any country or with any public holiday policy.

Public holidays and leave allowances

RotaCloud provides the flexibility to include or exclude public holidays from an employee's annual leave allowance. You can control this setting in your Account Settings menu.

When the inclusion of public holidays is enabled, any leave taken of the ‘Holiday’ or ‘Public Holiday’ type will be deducted from the employee's holiday allowance. If disabled, only leave for ‘Holiday’ will be deducted. Adjusting this setting ensures that your staff's holiday allowances align with your business's public holiday policy.

The Public Holiday Leave Type

In RotaCloud, ‘Public Holiday’ is a designated Leave Type, similar to Holiday, Sickness, and other types of leave. When adding a public holiday, remember to set the Leave Type accordingly.

Public Holiday can also be filtered when using Leave-related Reports in RotaCloud.

How to add Public Holiday

To add Public Holiday, follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Leave' in the blue navigation bar to access the Leave Page.

  2. On the Leave Page, click the blue plus icon at the top to add a new instance of leave. This will take you to the 'Add Leave' form.

  3. Fill in all the required details for the leave, being sure to set the ‘Leave Type’ as ‘Public Holiday’.

  4. Click 'Add Leave' to save.

Adding Public Holiday to multiple employees at once

RotaCloud allows you to quickly add public holidays to many or all of your staff members simultaneously. To add leave for multiple employees, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Leave page.

  2. Click the blue plus icon to add new Leave.

  3. Under the Employee drop-down menu, click 'Add to multiple employees'.

  4. Select the checkboxes next to the employees you want to add leave for. You can use the search bar to find names more easily, and the ‘Select All’ option to choose all employees.

  5. Set the Leave Type as ‘Public Holiday'.

  6. Enter the Start Date, End Date and an optional message.

  7. Click ‘Add Leave’.

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