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Your Rota Tools menu

How to use each of the tools at the top of the Rotas page.

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Using this tool will produce a printed copy of your rota, letting you alter the text size and select which elements of your Rota are/aren’t printed, including cost estimates, Open Shifts and notes.

Tick the options that you wish to include on your printout, and then click print to launch your browser’s own print menu.

Show Availability

‘Show Availability’ will toggle the display of staff’s availability patterns on the Rota, to help you to plan shifts that are convenient for everyone.

With this enabled, Unavailability will show in the Rota in red, and Availability in green. Use the ‘Hide Availability’ option to remove this again.

Add/Remove Days Off

The ‘Add/Remove Days Off’ tool allows you to toggle individual days between a working day, and a non-working day. These days differ from Leave in that when an employee has a non-working day, any Leave on that day will not deduct from their Holiday balance. 

With the tool enabled, simply click on any day on the Rota to switch it to a Day Off, which will be coloured in grey click again to switch it to a Working Day.

Clear Week

The ‘Clear Week’ tool will remove all shifts for week that you’re currently viewing. Be careful, however, as this process is permanent!

Show/Hide Labour Targets

Shows or hides the Labour Forecasting footer (available in our Pro package). This footer allows you to budget your labour costs as a percentage of your predicted day's takings.

Show/Hide Budgets

Shows or hides the Budget Caps targets in the footer of the rota. Budget Caps (available in our Pro package) enable you to set daily or weekly targets for scheduling. These targets can be expressed in hours, or by cost.

Add/Remove Employee

‘Add/Remove Employee’ allows you to change which employees are assigned to the Location you’re currently viewing.

Simply tick next to the name of each employee you want to be assigned to that Location.

Employee Grouping

‘Employee Grouping’ allows you to change the way that your staff appear on the Rota.

By default, ‘No Grouping’ shows all staff in alphabetical order, by first name. Changing this to ‘Default Role’ or ‘Group’ will group staff together under subheadings on the Rota.

The Default Role or the Group under which staff appear can be set on each Employee’s profile page.

Re-order Employees

Admin-level users have access to the ‘Reorder Employees’ tool.

This tool lets you click and drag Employees into an order of your choice. This order will work alongside any Employee Grouping that you’ve set up using the previous tool.

When you’re done moving your staff around, click Back to Rota to view your changes.

Bulk Actions

Opens the Bulk Actions tool (available with our Pro package only). Bulk Actions can help you save time by performing many actions to large numbers of shifts in one go.

See Deleted Shifts

Takes you to the Deleted Shifts page, showing you a list of all removed shifts, who deleted them and when. Clicking on a shift will show you its full history, and it can be returned to the rota (provided it won't clash with current shifts) by clicking 'Restore'.

Keyboard Shortcuts

RotaCloud has plenty of handy shortcuts which will save you time when building your rotas, and you can view a list of these by clicking on this option in the Tools menu.

Calendar Feed

The ‘Calendar Feed’ tools allows any user to export their rota to an online calendar service, such as Google, Outlook or Apple Calendar. You can control which shifts are included as you generate it.

When you’ve created your feed, copy the link and paste it into your chosen Calendar software.


The Share button will allow you to send a read-only link to anyone, allowing them to view, but not edit, published shifts on your Rota. This link will be kept up-to-date with any changes you make to your Rota and the viewer can move between weeks just as you can on your own account.

Simply copy and paste the link into any email or instant message to allow anyone to view the Rota in a web browser. You can delete and invalidate your link at any time.

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